Does Your Financial Advisor Use the “F” Word?

They should, especially when “F” stands for Fiduciary.

A Fiduciary is a financial advisor who makes investment decisions that are in the best interest of the client. Sounds obvious, right? But not all money managers are Fiduciaries. Many stockbrokers and others in financial sales make commissions when they sell certain products, so they will naturally push those investments to clients.

Fiduciaries are bound to avoid conflicts of interest and to find solutions for clients, not products to sell them.

The term Fiduciary applies to more than just Certified Financial Planners. Lawyers have a Fiduciary duty to clients. Board Members to the organizations and businesses they represent. Real Estate agents, too.

But too often, people trust their money to friends or acquaintances without making sure they are Fiduciaries. Maybe you play golf with them. Or you worked the grill together at the school fundraiser. When it comes to investments, people often go with the wrong “F” word, choosing a friend over a Fiduciary.

If you want to grow your portfolio a Fiduciary is the best person to entrust it to. Unlike bank or brokerage firm employees, Fiduciaries make decisions with your specific goals in mind vs. what employers incentivize representatives to advise. This alignment of interests is what truly makes working with a Fiduciary extremely beneficial.

So how can you make sure you’re working with a Fiduciary?

While there is no certification or required education to become a Fiduciary, the term is indeed a legal one. Fiduciaries will attest their professional status in writing; ask them to do so. And to sign it.

Also, ask your financial advisor up front if they get paid on commission. They shouldn’t. If you are working with a Fiduciary, she will discuss a flat fee or percentage rate at the outset of your relationship.

Another sign that you are working with a Fiduciary is if, during your first meeting, they ask you questions specific to your cash flow needs and risk tolerance. A Fiduciary may also ask when and how do you want to retire, putting your goals ahead of theirs and creating a long-term plan that is in your best interest.

So go ahead. Use the “F” word.

You will be happy you did.

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